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A cloud-based SaaS- platform focused on automation and accuracy.


Key Features

Slice and dice your data across user-defined dimensions.
Build multi-layered forecasting scenarios driven by smart logic.

Integrate multiple data sources and manual uploads.
Create different workflow models to streamline your process across your organization.
End-to-end enterprise grade security.

The Cashforce eco-system

We are supported by an ecosystem of strong partners that selected Cashforce as best-of-breed solution.

About us

Since 2013, Cashforce enables corporates to unlock their data - of any volume and complexity - so they can make smarter cash management decisions and do better cash flow forecasting. We do so on the premise of a real-time, interconnected global world where insights and transparency are key for external and internal stakeholders alike.

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Find here a variety of client cases, webinars and articles which take you through the wonderful world of cash forecasting and working capital analytics.


Relive our successful webinars, together with our clients and partners.
Discover how our clients have optimized their cash forecasting process and working capital savings.
Read the latest on our journey.

TIS Acquires Cashforce to Revolutionize Global Liquidity Management for Treasury and Finance Teams.

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Cash forecasting
using Working Capital Insights

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Why market leaders run Cashforce



Pro-active cash savings

… through improved cash forecasting accuracy realized by smart logic & AI/ML, easy actuals vs. forecast analysis.


Time savings

… through automated data consolidation, logic, easy workflows to organise your forecasting process.

Working Capital savings

… through deep insights into working capital drivers & improvement areas outside of the treasury department.

Key features



Roll-up from local to global level

Integrated per-transaction pricing with no hidden fees.
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Smart forecast modelling

Seamlessly combine different sources.

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Out-of-the-box ERP connectivity

Integrate system data and manual uploads.

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Easy manual adjustments

Make Excel-like manual adjustments.

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Leverage AI & machine learning

Improve cash forecasting accuracy with machine learning techniques.

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Organize your workflow

Streamline the cash forecasting process across your organization.

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Cashforce @work


Forecasting through disruption in times of uncertainty.


When cash is key, Unilever changes the game of cash forecasting.

Dawn Foods

Disruptive working capital project delivers exceptional results at Dawn Foods: from P&L to cash-driven.


A deeper and more meaningful dive into cashflow forecasting using working capital analytics.


“Without Cashforce, peak borrowings would have been at least £100m higher, so the system more than pays for itself.” - James Kelly, Group Treasurer at Pearson.


"We had great support from the Cashforce team. It is equally important that the banks that have invested in Cashforce also see it as an opportunity to integrate it from an operational point of view. It’s important that it is more than an investment, it’s part of their solution offering” - Gerard Tuinenburg, Director Systems, Innovations and Transactional Banking at Unilever

Dawn Foods
“Cashforce was one of the pillars of our Working Capital project to turn Dawn Foods into a more cash orientated company. Moreover, it has made Finance a better business partner and improved cross-departmental cooperation. Since its setup, it has led to millions of dollars in savings.” - Bart Messing, European Treasurer at Dawn Foods.



"In just 6 weeks, we set up the Working Capital Insights on our SAP instance and had first interactions with the business, leading to millions in saving... " - Kiera Agnew, Assistant Treasurer at Kellogg's

When cash is key... Cashforce