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A cloud-based SaaS- platform focused on automation and accuracy.


Key Features

Slice and dice your data across user-defined dimensions.
Build multi-layered forecasting scenarios driven by smart logic.

Integrate multiple data sources and manual uploads.
Create different workflow models to streamline your process across your organization.
End-to-end enterprise grade security.

The Cashforce eco-system

We are supported by an ecosystem of strong partners that selected Cashforce as best-of-breed solution.

About us

Since 2013, Cashforce enables corporates to unlock their data - of any volume and complexity - so they can make smarter cash management decisions and do better cash flow forecasting. We do so on the premise of a real-time, interconnected global world where insights and transparency are key for external and internal stakeholders alike.

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Find here a variety of client cases, webinars and articles which take you through the wonderful world of cash forecasting and working capital analytics.


Relive our successful webinars, together with our clients and partners.
Discover how our clients have optimized their cash forecasting process and working capital savings.
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client case

Cash forecasting through disruption




In adopting a new solution, Pearson wanted to gain the ability to drill down by operating company or by process in order to drive behavioural change. The company opted for Cashforce, attracted by its product’s ability to integrate with the group’s systems, its use of robotics to avoid the need for manual keying and its multiple AI algorithms offering greater insights into cash flow. A fully functional prototype was built in 30 days, which eventually lead to millions in savings.

The benefits of implementing Cashforce include:

  • Improved cash visibility & insights into the drivers of cash
  • Improved speed & consistency
  • Insights to senior stakeholders
  • Lower volume of FX transactions through netting

Download the client case now to learn more.

Download the Pearson client case