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A cloud-based SaaS- platform focused on automation and accuracy.


Key Features

Slice and dice your data across user-defined dimensions.
Build multi-layered forecasting scenarios driven by smart logic.

Integrate multiple data sources and manual uploads.
Create different workflow models to streamline your process across your organization.
End-to-end enterprise grade security.

The Cashforce eco-system

We are supported by an ecosystem of strong partners that selected Cashforce as best-of-breed solution.

About us

Since 2013, Cashforce enables corporates to unlock their data - of any volume and complexity - so they can make smarter cash management decisions and do better cash flow forecasting. We do so on the premise of a real-time, interconnected global world where insights and transparency are key for external and internal stakeholders alike.

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Find here a variety of client cases, webinars and articles which take you through the wonderful world of cash forecasting and working capital analytics.


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The Cashforce story

To reinvent the treasury landscape. We never felt bound by the gravitational pull of the ordinary. Instead, we take off for new frontiers by combining disruptive technologies with human intelligence. Additionally, by building bridges between departments, we strive to become a worldwide leading player in Working Capital Analytics & Cash Flow Forecasting, providing our clients with the right tools that pave the way towards a crystal-clear future.


2021: Cashforce Next Gen

As Cashforce continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the Treasury, it decided to launch a completely new version of the platform, called Cashforce NextGen. Its goal: to incorporate Cashforce’s thought leadership and learnings into a market-leading platform.

Cashforce NextGen is built upon a hyper-scalable API-enabled microservices architecture: it is able to house millions of transactions, be connected to any other outside system through APIs (on top of more traditional connectivity methods).

On top of that, our platform contains real-time data processing, allowing for best-of-breed Cash management & Cash forecasting processes!
Finally, the platform will allow both "Beginner" and "Advanced"-level companies to run an efficient & accurate cash forecast: we introduced user-friendly workflow capabilities, versatile & Excel-like data entry, smart alerting and enhanced AI/ML capabilities.

2017: The digital revolution

Due to the explosion of the amount and speed of data we strongly believe in the digital revolution. To move things even further, we’re working to leverage the power of AI in our software. This enables our platform to find new correlations and trends from data, closing the gap between the achievable and the expectation.

Meanwhile we broadened our ecosystem, from multiple partnerships with global banks and treasury consultants to bank connectivity and data partners, to grow faster and to aim even higher!

2016: Around the globe

To leverage our explosive digit growth rate in both revenue and employees, we opened up offices in Amsterdam, followed by New York, London and Copenhagen, setting out to take on the global market and expand our footprint.

We established partnerships with an international allure and gained users all over the world using our platform to streamline their cash management processes. Treasury and its processes have room to improve and we firmly believe technology has a vital role to play in this.

2015: Rapid growth

We constructed the fundamental pillars of treasury into our different modules, fuelled by a relentless pursuit of growth.

After our first capital injection, succeeded by new investments from Pamica/Michel Akkermans and Volta Ventures, our team of dedicated professionals broadened and our first real office was set up in Belgium.

What began as a lightning bulb of ideas, was now about to burst, and with it we expanded even further.

2013 – 2014: Grand idea

Ready to reinvent the world of treasury, we started with the idea of how to find clearance in a labyrinth of scattered data, exposing hidden patterns.

With a crystal-clear focus on innovative progress and serving the market’s needs, our first proof of concept was implemented. We quickly realized every company is different, and so is their approach.

Our freshly acquired start-up savvy, backed up by the US-based accelerator program Techstars, rapidly made us grow our ambitions even further.

2012: Big Dreams

Our story begins in 2012 when Nicolas Christiaen & Bart Claes sank their teeth into a mutual project dealing with Working Capital management.

Lead by a no-nonsense attitude and healthy dose of naivety, the first spark of insight was deployed working from Bart’s home when it quickly became clear there was a universal lack of good solutions on working capital management and cash forecasting.

Countless espresso’s and many sleep-deprived nights later the lightbulb went off.

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