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A cloud-based SaaS- platform focused on automation and accuracy.


Key Features

Slice and dice your data across user-defined dimensions.
Build multi-layered forecasting scenarios driven by smart logic.

Integrate multiple data sources and manual uploads.
Create different workflow models to streamline your process across your organization.
End-to-end enterprise grade security.

The Cashforce eco-system

We are supported by an ecosystem of strong partners that selected Cashforce as best-of-breed solution.

About us

Since 2013, Cashforce enables corporates to unlock their data - of any volume and complexity - so they can make smarter cash management decisions and do better cash flow forecasting. We do so on the premise of a real-time, interconnected global world where insights and transparency are key for external and internal stakeholders alike.

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Find here a variety of client cases, webinars and articles which take you through the wonderful world of cash forecasting and working capital analytics.


Relive our successful webinars, together with our clients and partners.
Discover how our clients have optimized their cash forecasting process and working capital savings.
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Cash Flow Forecasting using Working Capital Insights

  • Smart & automated cash flow forecasting
  • Limited IT resources required
  • Ready-built ERP & TMS connectors
  • High accuracy on short & long-term forecasts


in peak borrowing savings

“Without Cashforce, peak borrowings would have been at least £100m higher, so the system more than pays for itself.”

James Kelly
Group Treasurer, Pearson


year-over-year reduction of net working capital days

"Cashforce was one of the pillars of our working capital project to turn Dawn Foods into a more cash orientated company. It has made finance a better business partner, improving cross-departmental cooperation. Since its setup, it has led to millions of dollars in savings."

Bart Messing
European Treasury Manager, Dawn Foods


up to 95% accurate

"Cashforce has created a solution that interfaces directly with our ERP system and drills down to the actual order or line item that drives a particular cash movement from 5 days to 3 months.”

Vincent Almering
Group Treasurer, Interfood

Dynamic reporting & insights

Dynamically report on historical and future cash positions

Slice and dice your data across user-defined dimensions and retrieve relevant insights on actual cash flows and your cash forecasts.

Visualize and centralize key information on your own dashboard.

Monitor your balances and flows in different currencies using your FX rate sets.

Scene 1 - Dashboard

Roll-up from local to global level

Roll-up to consolidate local input and evaluate your cash flows at a global level.

Drill-down to investigate and analyse areas of interest, up to transaction-level detail.

Scene 2 - Drill-Down

Drill-down to the transaction-level detail

Process millions of transactions to get a consolidated forecast, while drilling down to transaction-level detail, and accurately pinpoint the inaccuracy in your cash flow forecast.

Scene 3 - Transactional level

Continuously improve your forecast accuracy

Understand improvement areas by comparing actuals versus forecast in our elaborate variance analysis environment. Make this variance analysis part of your forecasting process to find inaccuracies and apply improvements to the overall forecasting process.

Scene 11 - Organize your Cash Forecasting workflow


Integrate system data and manual uploads

Integrate company-wide systems and manually load data in your cash flow forecast.

Scene 4 - Upload Manual File

Available integrations

We enable safe & enterprise-grade connectivity, while minimizing our client’s workload, reducing implementation lead times dramatically. Integrate with multiple systems, according to your cash forecasting & working capital requirements.

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Forecast modeling

Cashforce generates short-term, mid-term & long-term forecasts, allowing to use a variety of data sources.

Multi layer_v3


Model your forecast

Seamlessly combine different source (bank statements, ERP, TMS, forecasting logics, manual uploads) and include additional financial data (CRM or order management systems, budgeting systems, sales projections, etc.) and unlock the true value of your data.

Scene 4 - different sources

Build different scenarios

Combine system-driven data and manual amendments to create divergent scenarios & simulations. Ultimately combine these scenarios in the forecast versus forecast environment to drive the decision-making process.

Worst - best - Crisis scenario


Make Excel-like manual adjustments

Amend your cash flow forecast in an Excel-like way. Enable users across the world to provide input to make sure the latest information is taken into account in the forecast.

Scene 8 - Excel-like manual adjustments

Long term forecasting using P&L

Look even further into the future by leveraging the power of PnL and budget information. Use our “PnL-to-cash” methodology to model a long term forecast based on the PnL forecast.

Scene 6 - Working Capital Insights

Leverage AI and machine learning to improve accuracy

Improve cash forecasting accuracy with machine learning techniques backtested over time.

Scene 7 - Leverage AI & Machine learning-1

Incorporate working capital insights

Incorporate working capital insights that enable smart decision making and a more transparent cash forecast.

Scene 5 - Working Capital Insights

Collaboration & workflows

Comment and collaborate on your forecast

Notify your local subsidiaries about their tasks and involvement in the forecasting process. Allow users to add information to the forecast thanks to the flexible commenting functionality.

Scene 10 - Comment & Collaborate on your forecast

Organize your cash forecasting workflow

Set up a multi-layered workflow model to streamline your process across your organization and generate one single version of the (forecasted) truth across your whole organization.

Scene 11 - Organize your Cash Forecasting workflow

Enterprise grade security


Audit logs

Use audit logs to review activity that takes place in Cashforce. The audit log shows admins the who, what, and when of user activity.


Audit Logs-1
Data encryption-1


Data encryption at rest and in transit

Data is encrypted at rest using the AES encryption algorithm and encrypted in transit using secure communication protocols with end-to-end encryption for all connections using public networks.





SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)

Set up single sign-on (SSO) using SAML to allow your users to authenticate to Cashforce through your company's existing identity provider, providing a more streamlined user experience.