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A cloud-based SaaS- platform focused on automation and accuracy.


Key Features

Slice and dice your data across user-defined dimensions.
Build multi-layered forecasting scenarios driven by smart logic.

Integrate multiple data sources and manual uploads.
Create different workflow models to streamline your process across your organization.
End-to-end enterprise grade security.

The Cashforce eco-system

We are supported by an ecosystem of strong partners that selected Cashforce as best-of-breed solution.

About us

Since 2013, Cashforce enables corporates to unlock their data - of any volume and complexity - so they can make smarter cash management decisions and do better cash flow forecasting. We do so on the premise of a real-time, interconnected global world where insights and transparency are key for external and internal stakeholders alike.

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Find here a variety of client cases, webinars and articles which take you through the wonderful world of cash forecasting and working capital analytics.


Relive our successful webinars, together with our clients and partners.
Discover how our clients have optimized their cash forecasting process and working capital savings.
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Client cases

A deeper and more meaningful dive into cashflow forecasting

The Kellogg Company, doing business as Kellogg's, is an American multinational food manufacturing company headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan, United States. Kellogg's produces cereal and convenience foods that is manufactured and marketed in over 180 countries.

The objective of the project is to provide more insights in working capital DPO/DSO. Next to the working capital, the team wants to have a view on the forecasting, especially in comparing actuals vs forecast on a monthly accuracy level. In just 6 weeks, Cashforce set up a forecasting workflow with working capital insights on Kellogg’s SAP instance.

This case study was presented at the Eurofinance 2021 conference.



Changing the game of cash forecasting

A transparent view of current and future cash positions, it’s one of the dreams and priorities of every international corporate. Unilever took on the challenge to radically improve its current process through the use of different digital technologies.

The benefits of implementing Cashforce include:

  • Process automation & faster data gathering, leading to amore streamlined treasury operation 
  • Better visibility of where the cash sits & will sit. This leads to pro-active cash savings, better use of idle cash and avoiding overdrafts on specific accounts
  • Better insights through drill-down & roll-ups as well as scenarios that enable in-depth analysis and improved decision making.

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From p&l to cash-driven

Starting 2015 the company started a change management process to turn Dawn Foods into a more cash orientated company. The key objective was a 10% year-over-year reduction of Net Working Capital Days.

By providing the right technology, in combination with an unmatched cross-departmental cooperation, Dawn Foods was able to build a bridge between its finance department and the rest of the departments, thus reducing complexity and increasing visibility and insights.

The benefits of implementing Cashforce include:

  • Improved working capital analytics
  • 24/7 insights
  • Newly freed up cash


Cash forecasting through Disruption

In adopting a new solution, Pearson wanted to gain the ability to drill down by operating company or by process in order to drive behavioural change. The company opted for Cashforce, attracted by its product’s ability to integrate with the group’s systems, its use of robotics to avoid the need for manual keying and its multiple AI algorithms offering greater insights into cash flow. A fully functional prototype was built in 30 days. Without Cashforce, peak borrowings would have been at least £100m higher.

The benefits of implementing Cashforce include:

  • Improved cash visibility & insights into the drivers of cash
  • Improved speed & consistency 
  • Insights to senior stakeholders 
  • Lower volume of FX transactions through netting

Cashflow forecasting highlights

Dynamic reporting & insights
Scene 1 - Dashboard

Slice and dice your data across user-defined dimensions and retrieve relevant insights on actual cash flows and your cash forecasts.

Visualize and centralize key information on your own dashboard.

Model your forecast
Scene 4 - Upload Manual File

Seamlessly combine different source (bank statements, ERP, TMS, forecasting logics, manual uploads) and include additional financial data (CRM or order management systems, budgeting systems, sales projections, etc.) and unlock the true value of your data.

Cash forecasting workflow
Scene 11 - Organize your Cash Forecasting workflow

Set up a multi-layered workflow model to streamline your process across your organization and generate one single version of the (forecasted) truth across your whole organization.